No Explanations is an eclectic duo featuring musical works which rely heavily upon improvisation and the energy of the moment, whether played live or in the studio. The duo is slowly building an impressive legacy as artists interested in keeping the tradition of improvisation in music alive, rather than simply perpetuating a particular style or genre of music.


Guitarist Dan Leonard has built a distinguished career as a sideman and accompanist for some of the most reputable names in rock and jazz, and he has performed in venues all over the world. His first foray with Mark occurred in 1997 when he was featured on Mark's Fusion Jazz recording entitled Suite for a Fish Out of Water.


Pianist Mark Christopher Brandt's eclectic jazz, fusion, third stream, and solo piano recordings have been selling steadily worldwide as downloads and hard copies since the release of his first CD, Veritas, in 1995. He met Dan in 1993 and the two musicians began practicing together and discussing options for artistic collaborations.


European classical, jazz, American rock, folk, blues and country music are the intertwining and binding threads of their creativity. With their periodic table logo of Ne, the chemical symbol of neon, this duo, as the definition of neon suggests, is a "noble" form bringing "something new" to the space-time continuum. In their own words, “it isn't that there are no explanations for how we do what we do, why we do what we do, or what, in essence, we are doing.  It is simply that we are not offering any.”

No Explanations


Joie de Vivre


December Moment


Round Trip


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