People are still buying CD’s!  People are still enjoying live music!  People still value, and often prefer instrumental music which comes from the heart, and enters the heart without lyrics to explain, or even manipulate how we are supposed to feel.  The people described here are fans of No Explanations.


There is a place musicians dream about.  A place where one is free to compose, and improvise the music of his or her heart without judgment or competition.  A place where genre and category are irrelevant.  This is a place which requires only curiosity of an artist to enter, but it requires courage to remain.  Some call this place artistic freedom.  Some call this integrity.  We simply call it fun.





No Explanations


Dan Leonard: guitar

Mark Christopher Brandt: piano


Some songs have words.  Some songs don’t.

No Explanations


Joie de Vivre


December Moment


Round Trip


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