February 2, 1961 - Born San Diego, California

1977 Professional performance career began


1979 -1983 Studied Classical Piano Performance and Composition

                   Catholic University, Washington, D.C.

1983 -1984 Studied Jazz Composition

                   Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA


1989 Married Ramonie Oglesby - 3 daughters 1 son


1993 Began collaboration with Dan Leonard

1994 Founded indie label Lionheart Music East

1995 Released first recording as a leader


2000 Performing hiatus to build teaching studio and strengthen family


2008 Began performing again with East Coast Duo


2012 Co-founded No Explanations with Dan Leonard


Learn more about Mark at: www.MarkChristopherBrandt.com

Mark Christopher Brandt

Pianist and Composer

Dan Leonard

Guitarist and Composer

November 20, 1965 - Born Washington D.C.



1982 Professional performance career began

1983 - 1988 Studied Classical guitar and Composition

                    George Mason University





1993 Began collaboration with Mark Christopher Brandt



1999 Released first recording as a leader

2001 Married Michelle Clermont - 1 son




2012 Co-founded No Explanations with Mark Christopher Brandt


Learn more about Dan at: www.DanLeonard.com