If it is possible for two musicians to actually follow their artistic vision, and make a living at it, without becoming locked into any one group as sidemen, or leaders, guitarist, Dan Leonard and pianist, Mark Christopher Brandt have done so consistently since they both began their separate careers around 1977.


The two musicians met while teaching out of the same studio in Centreville, Virginia in the early 1990’s, and immediately found common ground musically, discovering the same recordings in their listening and study history, ranging from Jeff Beck, Steely Dan, the Eagles, David Bowie, John Coltrane, Lynyrd Skynard, Return to Forever, Jim Hall, and Bill Evans, to name but a few.


They have logged equal time on their respective instruments in classical, jazz, and rock music while pledging loyalty to no one type of music.  They draw from each style, and all of the sub genres within them, bringing funk rhythms into flowing classical lines, country picking into jazz grooves, with hints of smooth jazz sneaking in and out of their eclectic folk based repertoire of originals, spiced with an occasional blues.


Both musicians are virtuosos on their instruments, with Leonard often bringing 12 string or nylon guitars to the offering and displaying that he is adept on each one.  The two have an uncanny chemistry which makes listening to their music an organic and uplifting experience for listeners of all ages.  Their fans, like themselves, are not bound by age specific music.


No Explanations is an evolving story of two musicians who grew up in completely different places and found common ground in the world of music.  While both have performed for large crowds, they prefer to bring their sound to small and intimate settings, in order to accent and deliver the live sound of acoustic instruments and the personal connection to those listening.


Both Dan and Mark have active carriers as sidemen, soloists, and music educators.  They bring the broad range of their backgrounds and abilities together as often as a possible during their annual performance season which begins in March and culminates in November.


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Mark Christopher Brandt:  pianist/composer

Dan Leonard: guitarist/composer